About Powerchord-CMS

Powerchord-CMS is an initiative that is build by Desolace Divine guitarist Xander (me) to help out other bands to get online. As a webdeveloper, I thought about a way how I could help starting bands out with my skills.

When I wanted to build a website for my own band I found that there are no systems on the market that I could use to get a decent website in the way that I wanted, without spending thousandes of euro's on a customized product. Ofcourse there are things like WordPress and Joomla but these are systems build for general purposes and hence not the perfect system for a band website. Being a webdeveloper by profession myself, I started with building Powerchord-CMS; a system that really aims at managing band websites on a very easy and decent way.

Artists using Powerchord-CMS

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